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To supplement the security systems, we offer solutions supporting the staff and marketing departments and that constitute some of the most important elements of sales monitoring.


We offer systems based on analysis of the data from video cameras or infrared sensors. Traffic counters specify exactly the number of customers entering and leaving - they are capable of distinguishing between the directions of moving and thus counting only the persons entering, while the persons leaving will not decrease the meter readouts, or of counting the persons entering and leaving separately. The data collected is analyzed using specialist software, and the generated reports allow to verify:

  • sales effectiveness - by comparing the number of visitors with sales; they are also capable of collecting data from many stores and of comparing it;
  • effectiveness of advertising campaigns - the number of visitors and sales during a campaign;
  • operation of anti-theft systems;
  • interest in the respective products in the shop window;
  • following of procedures by the store personnel.


Therefore, you can use it to undertake proper activities in order to improve the efficiency of activities and to increase sales.

Additionally, traffic counting systems may be integrated with other solutions, such as transaction systems or anti-theft systems.