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A failure of a gas installation is one of the most serious threats to users of real properties. That is why we assign the highest priority to the issues of safety. We operate on the basis of many years’ experience of our specialists who are certified in the scope of operation and supervision - in the full range of pressures. We assume all the tasks related to comprehensive gas services.

Our obligations include:

  • construction, inspection, repairs, modernization and adjustment of: high- and medium-pressure gas stations and gas reduction stations, gas and oil-based boiler rooms, gas heaters and radiators, heating systems, gas detection systems, gas installations,
  • Pro-service, Atest-Gaz, Gazex and Exgaz gas detector calibration,
  • verification of gas meters, water meters and heat meters, as well as repairs of measurement systems,
  • measurements of pressure differential systems in stairways and elevator shafts, and measurements of efficiency of smoke removal systems,
  • testing and assessment of energy efficiency of heating systems,
  • chemical cleaning of water heat exchangers, central heating installations and process heat installations.